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We would like to welcome you to First Friends Church. Whether you are a member, in town for a visit or are looking for a church home, we hope you will feel you are an important part of our worship experience.

If you are looking for a church home, our prayer is that you will discover God's direction for your life regarding a church in which to worship. If God should lead you here, we will do all we can to love you, help you heal of any past hurts, train you with biblical teaching, and prepare you for whatever God may call you to do.

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The small group study led by Pastor Chad is held on Thursday's at 6:30 pm and they are studying the book, A People Called Quakers by Elton Trueblood.  It will continue to meet on Thursday evenings to the end of the year. Please contact Pastor Chad if you have any questions. 

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Are you someone who loves seeing kids come to know Jesus through camp ministry? If so, then Scrips may be your way to help kids go to camp to learn more about Jesus. The next Scrips order is due soon. Please contact us if you have any questions on how this works. We have been able to send multiple kids to camp who might otherwise have not been able to attend. Lives have been impacted in mighty ways through attending Quaker Ridge Camp. Click here for more information about FX Camps.

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Sermon Quotes

Do you live a life of personal dedication and devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ?

Do you love others and live in harmony with them avoiding gossip, destructive criticism, and seeking to end differences as quickly as possible?

Do you regularly attend the services of your church and participate in them actively?

Do you bring up your children according to principles of the Christian faith?

Do you bring up your children according to principles of the Christian faith?

Do you practice Christian temperance in all things, including abstinence from harmful products and activities?

Do you exercise your rights and duties as a citizen, seeking to bring Christian influence to government?

Do you promote the principles of peace, supporting Christian movements to do away with war and preparatioin for war?

Do you maintain a simple lifestyle, living within your means, practicing personal honesty and integrity consistent with Christian standards?